Titled “A Driver’s Guide to a 5-Star Rating

Watch Adrianne Ho Perfect the Art of Taking a Taxi With Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz unveils the fifth episode buy moncler jackets of their cheap moncler sale ongoing Style Profiles web series, moncler Moncler online sale sale outlet aimed at highlighting Global Fashion Weeks and emerging talent worldwide. Titled “A Driver’s Guide to a 5-Star Rating,” the moncler mens jackets comedic short film pays homage to the current taxi-app frenzy and stars Sweat The cheap moncler jackets Style activewear founder and past Highsnobiety magazine cover star Adrianne Ho monlcer down jackets in the passenger seat. Set in Los Angeles, the episode chronicles the quest of a moncler outlet sale taxi-app driver, played by Kash Abdulmalik, moncler sale to obtain a high approval rating and the lengths he’ll go to do so. While cruising Adrianne around in his Mercedes-Benz 280 SE, the driver attempts to understand the cheap moncler fitness guru’s world and “go the extra mile,” doing everything from exercising with Adrienne in a SoulCycle class, to offering her wheat grass moncler outlet online beverages.With the digital age discovering new methods for people to connect, Mercedes-Benz once again brings together influencers and cheap moncler outlet emerging creatives to produce a short film exposing one of the latest https://www.moncleroutlett.com developments in our rapidly developing digital culture. App-based taxis such moncler outlet store as mytaxi require both drivers and passengers to moncler outlet be on their best social behavior as rating systems help users and companies to define passenger or driver priority.Head over to the Mercedes-Benz website for more information cheap moncler coats on Style Profiles and the global Mercedes-Benz fashion commitment.

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