With the United States now likely seen as the bad guy in Seoul

This keeps you from being an autonomous adult.””It’s OK to accept gifts and maybe even ask for help when you’re in a pinch, but otherwise asking for money from mom is a big no no,” Anderson added.Physically and mentally capable adults should be able to do their own laundry, clean their own home and make their own doctor appointments and travel reservations. Your mom may want to do these things for you because she’s trying site link to be helpful, but letting her do so may hinder your growth and development.”While these may seem like caring gestures towards one’s child, they are also interfering with the adult child’s ability to live independently and care for themselves,” Delucca said.6. Your mom expects you to check in with her before you make a decision.If you feel you can’t make everyday decisions without getting your mom’s approval or permission first, something is amiss.

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